Art Direction >

I provide artistic leadership and team up with other creatives to craft and bring to life campaigns and your brand's unique identity. I set the right mood for your target group and make fitting appealing designs. From concept to execution I design and guide the whole process, bridging the creative with the commercial.

Advertising >

As an Art Director I am experienced in both Advertising and Brand design. For your campaign I inject creativity, intelligence and style into the commercial field delivering strong and clever advertising for all brands that push ethics.

Branding >

Visual identities start at the very core of the brand. Together we define your brand assets and I translate these into unique and outstanding designs. A tailor made visual brand identity, ranging from brandbook to website, business card to logo or photoshoot.

Graphic Design >

The first skill I specialize in is Graphic Design, meaning I translate your brand identity into distinct designs. From business cards to logo’s, I'll make it look beautiful. From scratch or just finetuning.

Web Design >

The second skill I specialize in is Web Design. I can bring your brand or product to life online in bespoke designs. I develop clear online communication and easy navigation to create an on-point brand experience.


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Hello >

I’m an Amsterdam based Fashion Lover, interior geek and health freak. All things unrelated to Art Direction, but stay with me.

I live my daily life with mild OCD when it comes to aesthetic in my surroundings, non stop making things look more beautiful. It shows in relentless searches for perfect doorknobs (in the right budget), turning packaging-labels to the front and rearranging furniture when you accidentally look the other way. I love classical music and secretly dance to Mariah Carey.

About >

I’m a multi potential Creative, always working on new projects (photography, painting, pottery, the list continues). I like it this way. It satisfies my curiosity, my urge to create and my drive to always develop and grow.

Next to a creative I am a serious thinker. For me this is why I enjoy Art Direction so much: it is a combination of both things I am passionate about. My quality for thinking in unique ways is recognised by everyone I have worked with, together with a very strong developed sense for aesthetics.

Skills >

Art Direction is something that comes very natural to me. I could almost say it is a character trait. I’m always absorbing: lay outs, interiors, atmospheres, design, advertising, film, food, art, everything i come in contact with. I’ve created a very sharp eye and great sensitivity for beauty and communication. With this quality I reflect on what I see and re-design it in my head (or store it when it’s good).

But Art Direction for me is not only about thinking up good ideas and then making it. It comes with two more aspects.
On the one side there is the team: with a group of experts you truly reach the best quality of work. I find joy in working this way. With my gentle character, open mind and eye for quality, I bring out the best in them. I pride myself in my ability to inspire my team to give their very best. And then there is you, the client. A skill I have developed very quickly and that sets me aside is my ability to take you with me on the journey of creation. For me this is a very natural process, but we do it together: after a briefing I’ll take you with me through my process of thoughts, reasoning and inspiration to bring you where I land. This way I can make you understand why certain concepts and designs are the good ones.

Belief >

In everything I do I want to create concepts and make work that challenges people to feel something, that challenges them to think differently and be part of the positive change. This has been my focus of my work for the past years: mission driven brand design.

Above all I believe what we do in the creative industry should challenge the status quo, bring positive change, is emotionally touching and on top: is always beautiful to look at.

Services >

Art Direction - Advertising - Branding - Graphic Design - Web design

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